” Know Thyself and you will get to know God.”

THE LUNAR LODGE, is a brainchild of Astrid, the host of the Spiritual Alchemy show. Her idea was to create an illusory Lodge, without hierarchy, real community, degrees, group rituals, set time or space. A place where all people are equal, and are connected purely through the desire for understanding.

THE LUNAR LODGE is a 24/7 open Astral sanctuary for the independent minds. 

This is a space for lone travelers seeking knowledge, people who are not interested in following paths of occult orders, and group validations, but rather, relying on their own light and experience.

Astrid is Tarot reader, translator of occult literature and esoteric teacher who host the Spiritual alchemy show for over 2 years.

She was blessed to work as a esoteric consultant for many international brands and teach numbers of workshops both online and in real world venues.